「かける」のではなく「はく」。国産眼鏡のシェア90%以上を占める福井県鯖江市の、 眼鏡素材加工メーカーとの共同開発プロダクト第二弾。


Haku" instead of "Kakeru." This is the second joint development product with an eyeglass material processing manufacturer in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, which accounts for more than 90% of the domestic eyeglass market share. The material of the eyeglasses was manufactured using cellulose acetate and using eyeglass processing technology. A unique and comfortable shoehorn that matches the unique colorfulness of the material with its supple elasticity and affinity with the human body. Three designs are available in four materials. It is also a key chain and two birds with one stone.


発送予定日 ご注文後より、4~5営業日後
サイズ 横42~45mm×縦110mm
素材 セルロースアセテート (パーツ:真鍮)
カラー 同品番でも柄の出方に個体差がございます。
品番 aks052